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Log in to your device remotely!

AnyDesk is one of the most popular remote desktop applications in the world. With solid server technology, the software focuses on super fast connection speed. The simple interface allows even beginners to use the program from the get-go. While there are other popular programs like TeamViewer and Ultraviewer, AnyDesk lets you connect to a terminal at home or work with ease. The underlying technology allows you to write the same files, encode the same videos, and do everything as you would if you were logged in on the main terminal.

The software utilizes DeskRT, the proprietary video codec specifically designed to provide fast data transmission at even low bandwidths. This can be quite useful in remote regions and areas with slow connection speeds. Unlike some competing titles, the program offers multi-platform support, and runs smoothly on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS, FreeBSD, etc. You can also download the mobile apps without any extra charge. Last but not least, both on-premises and Cloud-based solutions are available.

Solid technology with a simple interface!


AnyDesk is a free and simple-to-use remote desktop solution, which helps you access documents and files on any device across several locations. While the program has been immensely popular among developers, it continues to win more hearts with a wide range of features, such as file sharing, customized user interface, online collaboration, and access control.

Unlike programs like VNC and XShell, AnyDesk has been designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It comes with a built-in address book, which helps you keep track of connections and contacts with ease. Additionally, it allows every user to view the online status of collaborators in real-time.

With free download AnyDesk for Windows, it’s easy to build connections in areas with poor data connectivity and less bandwidth. With the program’s administration tool, you can remotely report, reboot, generate invoices, and manage billing, allowing you to manage work from anywhere, at any time.

What is the AnyDesk app and how can you use it?

Similar to other programs like Remote Utilities Host, AnyDesk software download for Windows uses a unique ID number to establish a connection instantly. Once you download the program and the installation is complete, you’re given the option to create a customized alias, depending on your preferences and requirements. This can be shared with collaborators and makes it easier to remember the ‘name’ instead of a randomly-generated string of numbers.

When both the client and host computer are connected via AnyDesk, it’s possible to share the ‘Remote Desk ID’ with each other. All you need to do is enter the ID in the ‘Remote Desk’ section of the software to establish a strong and fast connection. The PC sharing its address will be the one controlled by the other computer.

In order to enable unattended access, you can conveniently set up a password in the ‘Settings’ menu. Additionally, AnyDesk download Windows 10 lets you define various permissions to allow seamless and secure connections. With specific permissions, collaborators can hear the sounds on a remote computer, view the monitor, access the clipboard, control the keyboard and mouse, and perform several other tasks.

Wide range of features

While using AnyDesk download for PC free, you can sync clipboard content across the client and host computer. Since AnyDesk runs seamlessly in portable mode on default, you can easily install the software like a usual PC program. When an active remote connection has been established, it’s possible to access various settings from the menu bar. Moreover, AnyDesk allows you to alter the connection to create high video quality, speed, and balance between the two.

Several other settings can also be customized, including transmitting sounds, showing the remote cursor, shutting down clipboard syncing, disabling control for view-only, taking screenshots, and blocking the collaborator’s inputs.

Can AnyDesk transfer files?

With Any Desk PC, it’s easy to transfer files. You simply need to copy them to the clipboard, before pasting them on to the remote computer’s terminal. However, AnyDesk also comes with a file manager tool, which can be used separately from the remote access tool. The program allows you to conveniently restart a computer remotely, or even print documents within seconds.

Ease of access

At only 3 MB, AnyDesk is a lightweight tool, which doesn't require any registration, installation, and admin access. You only need to download the program on the system, and you're good to go. Compared to other similar tools, the software doesn't use a lot of system resources.

For ease of access, AnyDesk allows you to save connection shortcuts on the desktop. During a session, control can be switched between sides with a couple of clicks. In fact, you can even record the session to a standard video file. With AnyDesk, keyboard shortcuts can be instantly sent to the remote computer.

When you request to connect to the client PC, your user account image will be displayed as the identification marker. Similarly, the tool displays a list of past connections at the bottom of the screen, making it easier to access old connections. There’s a system information tab, which shows detailed information about the remote computer.

When you download AnyDesk for PC, it uses DeskRT, which is a video codec specifically designed for encoding videos of computer interfaces. As such, it runs the tasks smoothly and allows you to view the client PC’s screen clearly. When this codec combines with the software’s solid server technology, it helps in building superfast connections, whether you need them at night, or in a far-off location during a vacation.

In case you value usability and speed more than anything else, AnyDesk will be an excellent choice. Compared to other options available online, the simple interface, a wide range of features, and fast connection speed make AnyDesk download free the go-to platform for remote desktop connections.

An excellent program for remote connections!


When it comes to remote desktop applications like Ammyy Admin and others, unattended access becomes a much-desired feature. While most programs offer this capability, AnyDesk free download goes beyond the basics to provide you with on-demand access. It gives you the option to focus on various permission rights and access types to ease the connection-building process.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of remote desktop applications require specific changes to be made to the router, such as port forwarding. However, AnyDesk doesn’t require any such changes. As a result, the popular remote desktop software can be downloaded quickly, and connections can be established within seconds.

Overall, AnyDesk download is an excellent choice and comes with a built-in full file transfer utility. While a lot of remote access tools offer support for file transfers via the copy/paste route, AnyDesk is more intuitive while handling these processes and saves a good amount of your time. Without a doubt, it’s one of the leading download choices in this category. Last but not least, it has been rated higher than competing solutions by two independent benchmark tests.

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Connect to a computer or mobile device remotely, whether it’s across town or halfway around the world.

AnyDesk allows you to establish remote desktop connections between devices and opens up unprecedented possibilities of collaborating online and administrating your IT network. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals, remote workers, and on-the-go individuals alike. 

Provide Remote Support
Our suite of remote support tools is built to help you provide clients, customers, and colleagues with smooth and efficient support between computers in any location. It’s fast, lag-free, and always secure. 

Work From Anywhere
Access your computer from your desk, your home office, or the nearest meeting room, all with ease. Require unattended access while on the go? You’ll just need to set a password. 

Unparalleled Performance
Our proprietary video-codec, DeskRT, compresses image data to reduce bandwidth and latency to a level imperceptible to the human eye. 

Platform Independence
Run AnyDesk on your chosen platform, be it Linux, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, iOS or Android—even older versions. Plus, use mobile apps at no extra charge.

On-Premises Solution
AnyDesk offers a customizable on-premises solution for maximum flexibility in adapting to your security or policy requirements. It’s self-hosted and self-managed, so data remains within your company network.

Bank-Level Encryption
Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology protects your computer from unauthorized access. We use RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify every connection. 


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Fast connection speed
  • Solid server technology
  • Uses a specialized video codec


  • Minimal configuration options

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

AnyDesk for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 7.0.4
  • 4.4
  • (13704)
  • Security Status

User reviews about AnyDesk

  • Arjun Kumar

    by Arjun Kumar

    The application is mind blowing but its working slow

  • Jim Shubat

    by Jim Shubat

    super intuitive... great integration to my Smartphone as well.

  • Geovani Martinez

    by Geovani Martinez

    Yes. To my friends and office mates who works outside their homes during this quarantine period.

  • Tahsan Tamim

    by Tahsan Tamim

    xoss in one word.. liked it.. anyone can work and do solve any problem of computer and laptop.. good job by any desk. loved it.. carry on

  • Angelito Magbitang

    by Angelito Magbitang

    I am very happy with the simplicity and use of the software. Thank you.

  • Aileen Fung Ming Chan

    by Aileen Fung Ming Chan

    still testing. Please give me some time. .......
    testing and testing again......


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