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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 8 days ago

The best program to remotely access another computer.

AnyDesk is a free program for Windows that allows you to remotely access another computer. For this, both devices must have the program installed and allow access through the use of security keys.

Thanks to AnyDesk, you can do everything you want on another computer as if it were your own. Currently, AnyDesk is the main alternative to TeamViewer and Supremo Remote Desktop, programs that it surpasses in greater compatibility and ease of use.

What is AnyDesk and what is it used for?

AnyDesk is a program of German origin created by the company AnyDesk Software GmbH. Programmed in C++, the program has a freeware license, so its use is completely free.

The purpose of AnyDesk is to grant bidirectional remote access between personal computers and mobile devices. To do this, it uses a TLS-1.2 type security protocol, which makes it impossible for a third party to intercept the connection and access the contents of either of the two computers.

AnyDesk is very popular among professionals who provide technical support. Thanks to this program, it is possible to solve frequent problems on computers without the need for a personal visit, which saves a lot of money for both technicians and clients.


How do I connect to AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a very easy-to-use program that does not require installation. Just download the file on both computers and run it to open the tool. When you do this, you will see that a 9-digit code appears on the left side of the screen. Send it to the other user who has the program and they will be able to access your computer.

To do this, you must enter that 9-digit code in the "Another workstation" section. Then, click on "Connect" to access the other device. You can also click on the "File Transfer" mode, which will allow you to send files from one computer to another, although in a limited way.

And if you are concerned about security, don't worry, as AnyDesk has a TLS-1.2 security system similar to the one used by banking applications. This technology is responsible for encrypting the information transferred between both computers so that no unauthorized person can intercept the communication.

An essential remote access program

Whether you are a computer technician in charge of technical support or a student who needs to work together with their classmates, AnyDesk is the program you are looking for.

It is a very easy-to-use program that also offers great compatibility, is very secure, and has almost imperceptible latency. Advantages that, without a doubt, you will be able to perceive from the moment you start using it.

You can install AnyDesk on laptops and desktop computers equipped with Windows (7 or higher), macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, and FreeBSD. In addition, it is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as with Raspberry Pi devices, and it is available in Spanish.

Connect to a computer or mobile device remotely, whether it’s across town or halfway around the world.

AnyDesk allows you to establish remote desktop connections between devices and opens up unprecedented possibilities of collaborating online and administrating your IT network. AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals, remote workers, and on-the-go individuals alike. 

Provide Remote Support
Our suite of remote support tools is built to help you provide clients, customers, and colleagues with smooth and efficient support between computers in any location. It’s fast, lag-free, and always secure. 

Work From Anywhere
Access your computer from your desk, your home office, or the nearest meeting room, all with ease. Require unattended access while on the go? You’ll just need to set a password. 

Unparalleled Performance
Our proprietary video-codec, DeskRT, compresses image data to reduce bandwidth and latency to a level imperceptible to the human eye. 

Platform Independence
Run AnyDesk on your chosen platform, be it Linux, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD, iOS or Android—even older versions. Plus, use mobile apps at no extra charge.

On-Premises Solution
AnyDesk offers a customizable on-premises solution for maximum flexibility in adapting to your security or policy requirements. It’s self-hosted and self-managed, so data remains within your company network.

Bank-Level Encryption
Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology protects your computer from unauthorized access. We use RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify every connection. 


  • Very easy to use
  • No requiere de instalación - It does not require installation.
  • Very secure
  • Almost imperceptible latency


  • Limited file transfer
  • Not suitable for companies, only for individuals.
  • It depends a lot on the available bandwidth.
  • Limited customization options

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

AnyDesk for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 8.0.3
  • 4.4

  • Security Status

User reviews about AnyDesk

  • Arjun Kumar

    by Arjun Kumar

    The application is mind blowing but its working slow

  • Jim Shubat

    by Jim Shubat

    super intuitive... great integration to my Smartphone as well.

  • Geovani Martinez

    by Geovani Martinez

    Yes. To my friends and office mates who works outside their homes during this quarantine period.

  • Tahsan Tamim

    by Tahsan Tamim

    xoss in one word.. liked it.. anyone can work and do solve any problem of computer and laptop.. good job by any desk. loved it.. carry on

  • Angelito Magbitang

    by Angelito Magbitang

    I am very happy with the simplicity and use of the software. Thank you.

  • Aileen Fung Ming Chan

    by Aileen Fung Ming Chan

    still testing. Please give me some time. .......
    testing and testing again......


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