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How to Use Anydesk

Have you ever found yourself wanting to share a document or file from your PC but you’re not anywhere close to the computer?

With a free app like Anydesk for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows, you can.

We’ll show you how you can download the app, so you can sit in the mall having coffee with your friends and seamlessly access your PC remotely to show them pictures or, if you’re having a business lunch, retrieve work files while you’re having a business lunch. It couldn’t be easier.

How to use Anydesk?

Step 1: Download the Anydesk app

Choosing your preferred device format lets you start this journey by downloading the Anydesk app for free from a trusted provider. You can follow the easy links provided on top for quick installation.

Step 2: Fire up your new Anydesk app

You can now launch the Anydesk app by clicking on the file. It’ll start running instantly. Under the heading ‘Remote Desk,’ you can type in the name of your remote device you want to access.

Step 3: Green is for GO

Once you’ve linked your devices, you press the green ‘Connect’ button, and you’re ready to go. This app is truly as simple as that. 

How to give control to Anydesk

In your Anydesk setting, you can find the Access Control List under the security tab.

If you want to give more access to your remote device, you have to unlock the security tab. You can press the + button to add more entries.

How to share files on Anydesk

You can copy one or more files to your clipboard on either the remote or local device.

When the pending file transfer request appears on the other device, you click on the ‘File Transfer’ button in the ‘Accept’ window.

A suitable safety protocol to follow when you’ve completed your file transfers is to disable Anydesk when not in use, especially if you’re accessing your remote device via a public WiFi connection.

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